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Vastos Vault
Vastos Vault world map
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The Northern Reaches...this vast expanse of land is cold and hard, its forests rich with life, its mountains housing dwarves and older things still...
Kingdoms of the West...dotted with hills, rivers, and neighboring walled towns, this huge area of land gives the adventurer a more traditional D&D experience and
medieval theme...
The Southern Isles...fun and novel scenarios unconnected to each other, except by vast areas of middle-earth ocean...
The Middle East...a place of huge deserts and dry plains, the world of djinni and strange gods, a venue of traps
and riddles...
The Far East...this complex and developed region hosts terrifying wizards, mythical creatures and a perverse obsession with gold...
The Underworld...a terrible, dangerous place, The Underworld is for seasoned adventurers and fool-hardy plunderers of
unworldly treasures...
The Heavens...where elven children dance in fields of lavender, lakes are full of fat trout, and the sky is not cloudy all day...

Welcome to Vasto’s Vault!  This treasury of adventures, stories and relics is designed to be compatible with Dungeons & Dragons rules, basic and advanced editions.  The world of Vasto’s Vault includes campaigns in the mortal planes of Middle Earth, but also adventure scenarios in The Heavens, and modules (and soon series of adventures) available that explore the darker recesses and evil civilizations of the Underworld’s innumerable pits.

The Vault is meant to be explored and enjoyed.  If you see an adventure you would like to purchase (e-book and hard-copy available) please visit our store to begin exploring the worlds, stories, treasure and traps (heretofore kept locked tight in the author’s fevered cortex) and now available for all players of D&D and lovers of fantasy and fun, to indulge in some creativity, to explore new worlds, to unlock the mysteries of this rich resource.

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