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Michael Kellington

Author and Creator

Michael Kellington is the proud father of twin girls and a grown step-daughter with two children of her own. Michael has practiced law in the Rogue Valley for almost twenty years. Specializing in criminal defense and collateral criminal matters – expunctions, reductions, pardons, etc. You can find Michael on the web here. His wife Tammi is a registered nurse who helps administer two departments of the Rogue Valley Manor, a world-class retirement facility in Medford, Oregon. Before he chose to practice criminal law exclusively, Michael worked for over 16 years with his dad, Dan Kellington, who still practices injury law, wills and probate.

Michael graduated from Seatlle University in 1992. He and his wife have traveled to Europe and the Mediterranean and Asia, and Michael enjoys a limited understanding of Russian, Spanish, a little Greek and some Latin. He practiced regularly in the Society for Creative Anachronism, a world-wide medieval re-enactment group for fifteen years. He continues to have a D&D session with his old friends every two weeks, responsibilities permitting.

Michael’s younger daughters have a presence on this website. Emily’s corner is a collection of children’s stories, art, and other oddities that are entirely of her creation, Hannah’s Stables house her collection of art, awards, and other novelties for the younger crowd.

To contact Michael, you can email him directly at MeKellington@aol.com

Larissa Ezell


Larissa Ezell is an innovative Graphic Designer born, raised and trained in Southern Oregon. Since the day she picked up her first paint brush, Larissa has been painting on anything paint will stick to: walls, skin, side-walks, apparel, satellite dishes, furniture, and even stones. Currently a book illustrator and Graphic Artist, she delights in finding imaginative solutions for complex problems and transforming good ideas into great ones.

You can contact Larissa directly at LarissaEzell@Yahoo.com or by visiting her website LarissaEzell.com

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